C.M.S. boasts the most extensive and versatile range of expanders on the market. This line represents another milestone in the technological development of machines produced by C.M.S.: to carry out the delicate and very important tube expansion phase in the fin collars and, therefore, to ensure an optimal heat transmission, in fact, we have studied a very vast and powerful range of expanders. Depending on the size of the heat exchanger and the quantity of the tubes to expand, they can feature an expander with vertical or horizontal axis; for these latter, we are the leading manufacturer worldwide.

All our machines can operate with an automatic or semi-automatic cycle, minimizing the presence of an operator.

For small coil series and for manufacturing prototypes, we produce a (water-impulse) ball expander that is extremely user-friendly and requires virtually no setup MHO.

C.M.S. offers the most complete range of expanders in terms of sizes, of automation degree, as well as of expansion system.


Vertical expanders are more suitable for repetitive productions and high-volume manufacturing with a heat exchangers length of up to 2.7 m and a maximum number of simultaneously expandable tubes reaching 420. The expansion occurs through the introduction of shaped bullets inside the tubes along their entire...

Horizontal expanders are instead ideal for applications in case of tube lengths from 3 to 15 m, even for limited production lots, and are characterized by the speed and ease of programming (for coils already performed it is only necessary to call up the code). The expansion...

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