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At the core of the production process of finned coil heat exchangers, the fin lines of C.M.S. stand out for their technical excellence, sturdy construction, precise assembly and user-friendly maintenance.

Our technology allows for quick changeover of the sub-dies or complete die, ultimately reducing cost and downtime for customers. Coupled with our range of Fin Presses for stamping, C.M.S. offers Fin Lines ranging from 90 to 320 SPM, providing a custom engineered solution to meet any application need across all fields of the heat exchanger industry; including various types and configurations of fins, ranging material widths all matched with high precision and a wide variety of accessories meant to enhance the efficiency and operation of the Fin Line.

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All C.M.S. Fin Lines meet all accuracy and precision requirements for using progressive dies at high working speeds.

We offer a wide choice of models in terms of both tonnage, from 35 to 160 tons and operation speeds, from 90 to 320 SPM – providing this wide range ensures we will meet all requirements of a vast and demanding heat exchanger market. Designed with...

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In finned heat exchangers, thermal efficiency depends on the configuration of the corrugation profiles or louvers and the quality of the collars: for this reason we deeply design the die to have a consistent, quality collar across a wide range of fin per inch.

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To meet the needs of each customer and allow maximum customization of our machines, we have provided for each of them several accessories, designed for an integrated, simple, effective and safe use.

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To obtain an estimate or consultancy on the various machines for the production of heat exchangers, please contact the company.

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