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Hairpin bending machines HBE

hairpin bending machines

Our hairpin bending machines represent the synthesis of the most advanced technology and versatility; each detail is designed and manufactured to assure reliability, productivity, accuracy and durability. Furthermore, our industry know-how has allowed us to overcome all of the critical aspects commonly associated with the production of hairpins, such as the cutting shape and consistent leg lengths. We have introduced a new orbital cutting concept that in addition to greatly extending the life of the tools, creates a perfect and very slight taper on the ends of the tubes, thus easing the insertion of the tube into the finned coil. The identical lengths of the hairpin legs are ensured by a sophisticated algorithm that manages all the operating production phases of the hairpins. The hairpin bending machines are available with 4, 6 or 8 lines, also in combined versions, with lengths of the hairpins ranging between 150 and 5000 mm and diameters ranging between 5 mm (3/16 ") and 16 mm (5/8"). The standard hairpin bending machine features a 4-axis control; the fifth axis is optional and can be provided for combined machines.

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Technical data HBE

MODEL Tracks Hairpin length Ø Tube
HBE From 4 to 8 From 150 to 5000 mm From 5 to 16 mm

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Hairpin bending machines HBA

hairpin bending machines - HBA

Efficiency. Always at the forefront of and focused on industry trends, C.M.S. recently introduced a new range of hairpin bending machines(*). The new HBA utilizes concurrent process motion to eliminate waste in the hairpin bending cycle; such as cutting while bending, tube feeding while reverse bending and while our tube supports do not collapse against each other but rather drop down from the cutting head, we are able to feed the complete leg of the hairpin eliminating additional strokes during the feeding motion. Summary: Eliminate Wasted Motion.  This system with aluminum profile and covered by carbon fibre will provide a lightness and power performance. Thanks to this innovation we increase the product quality and machine productivities.
Quality. To those who know the CMS cutting technology, you will be happy to hear the same cutting head is used to perform a symmetrical round cut, without the need for end sizing. Our cutting head has been designed for the "roll-in" of the tube and the lubrications of the mandrels to always be within tolerance of even a pull expansion mandrel and to guarantee ease of lacing.  The HBA's ability to control the shrink rate of the tube while bending, utilizing the extraction unit on the boom itself as a PLC controlled axis, we are able to eliminate any "peg-leg" or uneven hairpin lengths across all difference batches of raw material. We have such confidence and testing in this control measure - the HBA does not need a setup cycle when switching hairpin programs. 
Software Integration. Programming for the Bender can be done via individual barcode, networked mapped production plan or the classic operator input. With automatic data outputs, anyone with access the HBA connected network, will be able to retrieve important manufacturing metrics such as program history, efficiency numbers, maintenance history or current machine state. CMS also welcomes any custom specific data request to be output by the machine.

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Technical Data HBA

Model Hairpin length Tube diameters Wall thickness Decoiling
HBA 180 mm - 4250 mm 5 mm - 5/8” Up to 1,25 mm Overhead/Eye to Sky or De-reelers

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