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Horizontal Expander


Horizontal Expander ideal applications are in the case of tube lengths from 3 to 15 m, even for limited production lots, and are characterized by the speed and ease of programming (for coils already performed it is only necessary to call up the code). The expansion of the tubes may be performed by pushing (for straight tube heat exchangers) or pulling (for hairpin heat exchangers); in the latter case, the process guarantees the execution of tubes of the same length – eliminating all downstream trimming processes as the remaining stick-out of the expanded is only determined by the cut length of the tubes, all due to an exact calculated, controlled shrink rate. In our newest generation of horizontal expanders, it is possible to select various models like the MOC or the MOC-A combined tooling machines, where it is possible to select only the expansion rods needed for a specific coil, both manually or automatically.

Having the ability to combine different geometries, tube diameters and push or pull systems – this expander truly offers the most flexible expander on the market. The MOC-A Expander offers a camera system to identify coil geometry, tube diameter and position of the coil to setup and execute the program, completely automatic. Our industry knowledge and deep engineering has allowed C.M.S. be the top supplier for the horizontal expander market.

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Technical Data

MODEL Tubes / hairpins length Ø Tube
MO From 300 to 15000 mm From 5 to 22 mm
MOC From 300 to 14000 mm
MOC-A From 300 to 14000 mm
EP From 300 to 15000 mm


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